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Ultimate Greeting Cards (Pack of 6)
A greeting card designed to cover all greetings and special occasions!
Why commit to just the one special occasion? These cards allow you the luxury of sending them out any time of the year and they are easy to use!
Simply tick the appropriate occasion(s) add any additional messages at your own discretion in the comment section below and sign! No fiddly envelopes that won’t stick, just add an address and a stamp to the back of card itself and post!
 £3.00 + £0.50 P&P

Glow in the Dark Marie Curie Portrait
Inspired by the tale that a beaker glowing brightly in the dark lead her to the discovery of Polonium and Radium these glow in the dark portraits do the very same thing!
Switch off the light and the portrait lights up! allowing you to enjoy your art day and night! Remaining bright for several hours (hang it next to a light switch as a helpful aid for finding the light in the dark!)

Each one is A5 and hand drawn/painted in florescent paint.
Limited edition of 20 signed and numbered  £10.00 + £3.00 P&P

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